Terms and conditions


a. Client: all and any of the renting party during any particular rental period.

b. Owner: Geraldine and Mark Whitcombe-Power.

c. Rental Sum: total sum due for the rental period being booked.

2. The Client agrees to pay 30% of the full Rental Sum to the Owner as a non-refundable Deposit to confirm and hold a booking and to do so within 5 days of confirming his reservation by email.

3. The Client agrees to pay the Balance (which is the full Rental Sum less the 30% non-refundable Deposit) to the Owner on the day of arrival in exchange for the keys of the apartment. (NB these terms of payment are in line with the Gîtes de France terms.)

4. Non-payment of the Balance on the day of arrival will be treated as cancellation of the booking.

5. A week is defined as Saturday from 16:00 to the following Saturday at 10:00.

6. On arrival, the Client should immediately inform the Owner of any perceived disrepair or defects in the apartment.

7. The Client agrees not to damage wilfully or remove any of the furniture, fixtures & fittings nor to damage wilfully or alter any of the ‘permenant’ structures of the apartment (walls, doors etc).

8. The Client agrees to inform the Owners immediately of any accidental damage they have caused.

9. The Client should be prepared to participate financially in the replacement or making good of any damages they have caused by agreement with the Owners.

10. The Owner hereby notifies the Client that access to the property is by a 4 km unmetalled track.

11. The Client must take all reasonable care and pay proper attention to any apparent or marked low beams, doorways and ceiling heights. A night light is provided.

12. The Owner has taken all reasonable precautionary measures to build and provide a safe Plunge Pool (approximate size 2.5 x 2.1 m2 & 1.2 metres deep, please see aerial photo on the Gite page) and expects the Client to assume complete responsibility for his correct and safe use of the Plunge Pool.

13. The Owner will not provide any physical supervision of the Plunge Pool.

14. Clients may have free access to the working farm and the land and are expected to assume full and proper responsibility for their actions and their own safety.

15. By paying the Deposit or the full Rental Sum, the Client is presupposed to have read and agreed these Terms and Conditions.