Village Summer Festivities

Village Summer Festivities


For a week at this time of year, the village goes into party mode! There are events every day, with music and dancing every evening.

These photos show just a little of what went on. The cabaret was a full on show on a stage set up in the park: very Moulin Rouge this year and voted a huge success by the male population.

In complete contrast, a statue of the Virgin Mary was carried through the streets of the village by the ladies of the village to celebrate her Assumption.

The Dog Show (which Gerry won with Djebel) was tuned to a 1930s theme and very well attended by a wide variety of beautiful doggies of all shapes and sizes who brought their mistresses in Charleston dresses. Crufts, eat your heart out!

The week always finishes on 15th August with a traditional Provencal Aioli lunch under the plane trees to celebrate the Anniversary of the 1944 Allied Landings in Provence.

Over 350 people ate and drank, sang and danced from midday till the lottery was called out around 6pm.