Quince jelly

Quince jelly

IMG_1099Like all the fruit this year, the four quince trees are groaning with big, heavy, furry fruit. Looks like we’ll have lots of quince jelly – brilliant with roasts!

So, more work for Gerry, after a mass of different preservings already this season all from the garden: pink grapefruit marmalade, plus cherry, apricot, damson, greengage and mirabelle plum jams; blackcurrant, redcurrant and blackberry jellies; nectarine and peach chutneys; and freezing lots of it for puddings and tarts in the winter!

And the good news is the quinces are virtually untouched by fly larvae, presumably done for in the frosts of February.

Later, she will attack apple and green tomato chutney and at the end of the season there will be pomegranates and kaki fruits.

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