Clay powder to produce organic olive oil

Clay powder to produce organic olive oil

A lot of producers have very few olives this season, the second bad year in a row which will make life very hard for some, and we heard that this is probably due to two or three weeks of very hot weather during the flowering period which roasted the small olive floIMG_1281wers before they could set to fruit.

And it’s true we have very few olives on our Aglandau trees, but fortunately different varieties flower at different times and later at higher altitude (we are at 300 metres ASL), and some of our trees are protected by the cliffs from the drying Mistral wind.

So in fact it looks like we may have a decent harvest with our Bouteillans, Cayet Roux and Brun varieties, which we are busy protecting with an organic treatment of clay powder which distracts the olive fruit fly and stops her laying eggs in the fruit,  (see photos), which of course allows us to produce organic olive oil.













Before the treatment of clay powder…







After the treatment…






And more in the area we call the Feu Bas…