Pol Pot passes on!

Pol Pot passes on!

polpotIn 2007, we got our first brood of hens. In fact we ordered 1 cockerel and 4 hens but when we went to collect them, the hens had allegedly killed and eaten their cockerel that very night! This butchery earned the hens the names of Adolf (Hitler), Boadicea, Jo (Stalin), and Pol (Pot, the black hen in the photo) and a tough lot they proved to be.

Sadly, on the 14th July, Pol who was the last of this merry band, died of old age in her sleep in the coop.

Despite their violent beginnings, we developed a soft spot for these hens as they were after all our very first, and Pol’s passing marks the end of another chapter here at les Escavalins.

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