Olive Oil Tasting at Concours in the Var

Olive Oil Tasting at Concours in the Var

After several years of training at “Degustation” sessions with the Var olive growers association, we were invited to be part of the Olive Oil tasting juries at two recent Concours, at Draguingan, which Gerry went to last month, and at the annual Brignoles Agricultural Fair, which Mark went to last week.

This was a first time for us both, and, frankly, we were worried we knew enough! Actually, it was most enjoyable, we acquitted ourselves with élan (!), there was lots of chat about olives, we knew several people and a long morning’s tasting ended, as always at such venues in France, with a quite decent lunch!

Next year, we shall present some of our own oil to these Concours in the Var.

In the photo are the dark brown sample bottles from each olive oil producer, the blue flasks in which each oil is put to warm up, the little white spoons for the tastings, the white cups for spitting into (!), and small bits of bread and green apple to eat between tastings.

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