Olive harvest

Olive harvest

IMG_0559For the first time, this year we harvested olives from the young trees we planted, to make our first commercial oil. And the taste is really rather good!

This photo shows the electrically-operated kevlar arm which reaches up into the tree with vibrating tines on the end which tease the olives off the branches. They fall in the blue bache from where we can pour them into boxes. A mature tree like this might produce 20 or 30 kgs of fruit.

We planted several varieties: Aglandau (France’s most popular olive tree); Cayon; Bouteillan; Brun; Cayet Roux; Pardiguier; Picholine; Petit Ribier; and an Italian variety called Ascolana used for producing table olives.

Each varies according to taste, vigor, rendement (how much oil you may expect from a given weight of olives), time of harvest, suitability for oil or table olives, susceptibility to frost etc.

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