The Lord preserve us!

The Lord preserve us!

P1010086Gerry has preserved the last of the produce this year (so she thinks). Jars of quince jelly, pure and with rosemary, are plied up in front of bulging pumpkins, for pumpkin and chestnut soup.

The onions, bay leaves and rosemary are Step 1 to make red chilli pepper chutney, followed by the peppers and balsamic vinegar in Step 2. Lip-scaldingly good. Those red peppers from the garden are on fire. A real ring stinger.P1010084

And the temperatures have dropped this last week, so quantities of our last green tomatoes in the vegetable patch have been turned into chutney – using quinces instead of apples, and ginger – which is excellent with cheese and cold meats. P1010082

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