Harvest begins!

Harvest begins!

P1010104 This week we started picking the early olives, mainly Cayon, Petit Ribier and Brun, a variety which produces beautiful, totally black olives. We went to the mill first thing in the morning with our olives and a bag full of fresh croissants and pains au chocolat. After watching the olives cleaned and washed (photo left) and lifted into the malaxeur, we sat down to coffee and croissants and lots of chat about growing olives with the family who run the mill.

Two hours later, we saw a glittering golden stream spilling from the centrifuge machine (which cleans out the impurities and separates water from the oil), and the yield was 13.0%, which is quite decent for an early crop. P1010109

“It smells delicious,” the miller told us. “The taste is excellent and well balanced. What more could you wish for?”

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