Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 1 litre


Our Extra Virgin olive oil is made from olives freshly picked off our trees, cold pressed in our own mill, using no chemical additives, and bottled here at the farm.


Our Extra Virgin olive oil is a pure oil made from olives freshly picked from the trees on our farm, cold pressed in our olive mill, and bottled by us here at the Domaine. We use no chemical additives in the pressing nor insecticides on our olive trees.  We actively develop bio-diversity on our farm and have always used organic methods so now our olives and the entire farm are officially certified Organic.
When you use our oil you’ll notice first a surprisingly intense aroma of freshly cut grass, and artichokes. When you taste the oil you’ll find all those fresh ‘green’ flavours again, backed with a pleasant peppery finish. which is why this deliciously balanced oil is called ‘fruité vert’.
We bottle our oil in tins because they’re totally opaque and allow the best preservation for the oil. They also have an excellent top which snaps shut over a non-drip pourer.
The tins are also good in the post, as they’re lighter and stronger than glass bottles. Recycling tins requires less energy than glass so their impact on the environment is more ecologically friendly.

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